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luggage cart This airport luggage cart has brakes which are applied whenever the yellow handle is not depressed. Carts will not roll unless they are attended.  When carts nested, the rear wheels of all but the last cart are wedged off the floor, so the carts can be pushed easily by airport staff retruning them to service areas.


shoe sizer
Shoes purchased in discount stores do not have the old metal sliding, shoe-size gauges Fitting small children can be challenging for parents. This foam template seems like a good step.


Broselow Tape The Broselow tape is draped over navy satchel. Emergency Medical personnel measure a child with the tape. The color on the tape indicates which packet to use to treat the child. Everything is appropriately dosed and sized.


crosswalk Tourists used to right-hand side driving need some help in London. Instructions are printed right on the asphalt. Not the strongest (most controlling) mistakeproofing there is, but I certainly appreciated it.


Overlapping doors are used as firedoors. The problem is that they can be closed incorrectly.
door closer This lovely mistakeproofing device from Wales solved the problem...
doorcloser2 by proping the outter door open enough to allow the inner door to swing past before closing completely. You cannot close the door wrong.


oil change A local oil change facility puts the dip stick on the fender protector. Removing the fender protector will cause the dip stick to clatter on the floor unless it has been reinserted.


In blood banks, five test tubes of blood and a slip of paper identifying the blood are wrapped with a rubber band. Occassionally, the slip of paper falls out creating the opportunity for the tubes to be misidentified. the tubes can shift and possibly fall and break, a bio-hazard, The "Blood Rac" shown in this picture holds the test tubes more securely and holds the information that went on the paper. Preprinted Blood-Rac serial numbers can be used to improve traceability.


fry pan The spot on this frying pan turns a solid red when the pan is hot enough for use. The spot gives a signal of the status of the pan's temperature.


Multi-page forms, with different layers of carbon paper have been used for many years to insure the contents of sensitive correspondence are sent to the correct individuals.



This device holds the dental x-ray film. The hoop is a guide for positioning the x-ray machine so the dental technician aims correctly everytime.
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