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heinz label
H.J. Heinz did their best to keep the watery liquid part of ketchup from soaking your bun. Their redesigned bottle lid had a little reservoir around the spout to catch the liquid. Product trials at my house revealed "performance issues" with this device. The concept is an interetsing one.
ketchup ketchup2
The problem with this solution was that ketchup was viscus enough to lodge between the tube and the cap side. Thus the watery liquid did not come out the first time the bottle was used but would come out after a few uses. The new generation bottle solves the problem by squirting the ketchup from the bottom. The watery liquid is on top and the last thing to come out. new ketchup bottle


iv After a patient died from receiving a medication that was not properly diluted, all of that medication was diluted before being stored.


intubation detector2intubation detector

Error: putting a tube into a patient’s stomach which was intended for their lungs.

Solution: Squeeze the plastic bulb and put it on the tube. If bulb inflates, the tube is in the lungs. If not, an error has occurred.


buses The school buses in my town have a wire loop mounted on the bumper which swings out when the bus is unloading children. The loop forces children to go far enough in front of the bus that they are in the drivers field of vision, and not hidden by the hood (or bonnet if your from the UK).


atm New generation ATMs perform transactions without the card leaving your hand (swiping). Chances of leaving your card in the machine: remote or impossible.


cvs CVS pharmacies offers free computer checking for drug and food interactions with prescriptions.


scald scald2 scald3 Lots of scald protecter are available. They come in a variety of configurations. They close off water flow if the water temperature becomes too hot.


sizewise Delta's "Size-Wise" devices are tubular metal frames used to check your carry-on bag.
sizewise2 If your bag fits in the size-wise unit it will fit in the overhead compartment.


gui Graphical user interfaces are all about mistake-proofing. Remember the DOS error message: Bad Command or File Name? It can't happen when you point and click from a list.


smartbin Speastech Smartbins are a pick-to-light bin system that also has infrared detectors to sense if a hand is put into the wrong bin. If that happens, an alarm goes off. Smartbins can be linked to an ethernet to download custom pick lists

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