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fry scoop The Famous french fry scoop effortlessly delivers remarkably low variation among servings of fries at fast food restaurants the world over.


touch screen Ringing up sales in a fast food restaurant is performed using this touch screen system. Servers simply press buttons for what has been ordered. The computer keeps track of price lists and guides the server through the transaction.


proxy1 The bottom section of this proxy ballot has important instruction. the instructions are perforated for easy removal. The mistakeproofing comes in when you try to fit the ballot in the envelope as shown below:


It does not fit. When you remove the perforated section, final instructions are in your hands.  Your attention has been managed through design.


huck Getting the torque on bolts right is very tricky business for many companies. Huck fasteners mistake-proof this problem using a hybrid: half “pop-rivet,” half bolt.  The tension on the bolt is created in a linear fashion and the “nut” is clamped in place and the excess bolt length is cut off. The only drawback is that removal involves cutting the bolt off and installing a new one after repairs.


form b
Engineering change form requires different signatures depending on the nature of the change being considered.  Sometimes engineers would get too many signatures, and sometimes not enough.
form a
The revised form identifies the nature of the change in the columns and indicates unnecessary signatures in gray. Creating forms that help the user fill them out correctly is a part of mistake-proofing.


Every been to a laser light show, where they use lasers to draw pictures? General Scanning makes a laser part positioner that shows where parts should be located using the same technology.


gas pump gas hose
Gas pumps are equipped with hose couplings that break-away and quickly shut-off the flow of gasoline. Thanks to Mike Ferg for this example


quilting machine quilting machine2
Machine quilters used to hone their sewing skills so that they would move the machine around intricate patterns at a constant speed so that the stitch length would be consistent.  With the invention of Intellistitch (shown at right above), moving the quilting machine at different speeds is automatically taken into account. The machine’s stitch speed is adjusted based on how fast the machine is moved so that stitch lengths are exactly right.



When pipes are likely to freeze, the common practice is to open faucets slightly and let them drip.  If your not home or just forget to leave the faucets dripping, you can cause significant damage to pipes and property.

This device automatically opens a valve that discharges just enough water to avoid pipes freezing. Actuation is accomplished without using an external power source. 


change machine


Telequip offers an automatic coin dispenser. Its selling point is that it cuts 5-7 seconds off transaction times. But it also reduces human error. Employees no longer need to count out change, and customers are not short changed.

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