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  • Preventing Toilet Paper Excess

    Preventing Toilet Paper Excess

    At Boy Scout Camp, some young men get a little carried away dispensing the toilet paper. Perhaps it is their digestive system’s response to the change in diet at the mess hall, or perhaps it is just for fun. These excesses sometimes lead to clogs the plumbing, other times the toilet paper ends up wet…

  • Time to Change Your Toothbrush!

    Time to Change Your Toothbrush!

    When the forces of commercial self-interest and of dental hygiene combine, how can it not lead to mistake-proofing?  This toothbrush has colored bristles that become clear at the tips of the bristles through use. When it starts to look like the brush on the left, it is time to buy a new toothbrush.  Planned obsolescence at…

  • Notifying Management About a Dirty Bathroom

    Notifying Management About a Dirty Bathroom

    This clever idea is not a mistake-proofing device in the purest sense. However, rapid feedback is a guiding principle in mistake-proofing and this switch in a discount store restroom seems to fully exemplify that idea.

  • Don’t Leave Your Coat in the Jacket Stall

    I have never hung my coat in a bathroom stall and then walked out without it.  But, apparently, someone has because this stall door in the Dallas Galleria is designed so you cannot unlatch the door without moving your coat.