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  • Preventing a Shift Out of Park with Foot on Accelerator

    Preventing a Shift Out of Park with Foot on Accelerator

    Modern vehicles require the driver to put their foot on the brake pedal before shifting out of “Park.” This effectively prevents a driver from shifting into Drive or Reverse while their foot is on the gas pedal / accelerator. That’s far more effective than a warning sticker on the sun visor.

  • A Range Finder Cam for Rock Climbing

    A Range Finder Cam for Rock Climbing

    The rock climbing equipment company, Metolius, produces this “range finder cam.” The cam anchors safety ropes into cracks in the rock. Notice the green, yellow, and red dots that run along the edge of the cam. The green dots indicate that the width of the crack is safe for use with this device. Yellow indicates…

  • Ensure the Climbing Harness is Buckled Correctly

    Ensure the Climbing Harness is Buckled Correctly

    My safety harness buckle has a red mark indicating that it has not been locked (incorrect). When the buckling is complete, the red mark is covered.

  • Medical Gas Connector Mistake Proofing

    Medical Gas Connector Mistake Proofing

    Medical gas outlets are designed so that the proper valves will only fit in their corresponding outlets. All of the gas valves have a pin at 12 o’clock the other pin differs in location. The second pin for medical air is at 4 o’clock.

  • Shaved Ice, Not Shaved Fingers

    Shaved Ice, Not Shaved Fingers

    Rival sells a shaved ice machine that spins the ice around, pushing the ice over a blade that shaves it into snow cone “snow.” Rival is very interested in NOT shaving any fingers. They have designed the “on” switch into the lid. You press on the lid to activate the machine. When you stop pressing…

  • UK Electrical Plug Protections

    UK Electrical Plug Protections

    British 240v/50Hz electricity can injure people, so electrical plugs are designed so that live electrical pins are never exposed. 1. the pins’ position and orientation are such that the plug can only fit one way in the socket 2. the pins are insulated near the plug body so that electric shock is not possible via…

  • Model Rocket Launcher Safety

    Model Rocket Launcher Safety

    Estes’ rocket launcher system has two mistake-proofing devices: 1. A safety key must be inserted in control box inorder to launch the rocket.  The key is attached to a plastic cap that is supposed to be put on the end of the launch pad guide rod.  Thus locking out a launch while people are nearby.…

  • Treadmill Safety Stop

    Treadmill Safety Stop

    This treadmill has a clip that attaches to the user’s clothes. If the user falls off the back of the machine, a safety peg is pulled from the machine turning the motor off

  • Garage Door Safety Stops

    Garage Door Safety Stops

    Well Designed garage door openers have two safety features that prevent people or pets from being crushed by a closing door: (1) a contact safety reverse feature, which opens the door if it hits a person or object, and (2) an infrared beam across the doorway that causes the door to reverse automatically if a…

  • Keep the Wheelchair From Rolling Away

    Keep the Wheelchair From Rolling Away

    Correspondence from www.saferwheelchairs.com reports that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recorded 167 deaths due to wheelchair-related accidents from 1997-1999. Of these, 105 were wheelchairs rolling away from the person for one reason or another. The response? A mistake-proofing device that locks the wheelchair when no one is sitting in it.  An unlocking lever on the…