Mark Graban’s Mistake-Proofing Course at TKMG Academy

This is a short clip from the free preview of Mark Graban’s Mistake-Proofing course that’s available through TKMG Academy

View the entire preview video (2.5 minutes)


Thinking proactively about what could go wrong and what’s the worst that could happen is the first step toward intentional efforts to prevent or mitigate mistakes Some mistakes cause a little frustration while others cause great harm like a restaurant serving someone a dish with seafood in the sauce after being told the diner has a severe allergy Manufacturing mistakes like not tightening some bolts or not attaching them to begin with can create an unsafe product Healthcare mistakes can cause harm or death if for example a nurse gives the wrong medication to a patient Notice that I said the nurse gives but should we blame the nurse for administering the wrong medication No there’s more to it…


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