Toyota: Avoiding Simple Mistakes Through Fail-Safe Devices called Poka-yoke

From Toyota’s virtual plant tour page

“Avoiding Simple Mistakes Through Fail-Safe Devices called Poka-yoke

This Poka-yoke is linked to the electric screwdriver used by the worker to check for any loose screws that need tightening. If there is a problem, a red lamp will alert the worker, helping prevent defective products.”

Explore Toyota’s innovative approach to mistake-proofing in this enlightening video from Toyota Motor Corporation. Dive into the world of poka-yoke, where simple yet effective techniques are employed to prevent errors and ensure quality in manufacturing processes. Gain insights into Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence through real-world examples and expert explanations. This video is a valuable resource for professionals aiming to enhance efficiency and minimize mistakes in their organizations. For more expert advice and resources on mistake-proofing, visit


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